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YES! I’m Ready to Break Through to the Next Level of Happiness and Success!

Empowering High Frequency Transformation - August 6th, 2019

WANT TO LIVE as a high frequency being, designing your life to be your greatest adventure?

To have the ability to choose your business success strategies without being sabotaged from within?

To easily resolve relationship and health issues that are wreaking havoc with the amount of love and vitality you experience?

Most people are only functioning at between 5 and 15% of their potential.  

It’s the programs in your mind that are holding you back. 

Highly successful people experience blockages not because of a deficiency in their skill set, tools set or rational mind set, but because of unconscious programs that prevent them from making optimum use of their resources.  

Your programs create habit fields in your mind which show up in neural pathways in your brain and encoded patterns in your DNA. When an event and subsequent decision is surrounded by an emotional charge, it can become an unconscious program that controls your behavior.  

What if you could uncover the hidden codes that have been running your life and neutralize them once and for all?  

Great news…  

Now you can! 

On March 6th of 2019 Sandra & Daniel Biskind will open Quantum Source Code.  

They are going to show you a system that will:  

* Allow you to manifest your own vision for 2019 * Enable you to dream your dream and then make it a reality * Create a system of BEING that will naturally attract the right kinds of clients to you * Allow you to attract more income than you’ve ever imagined to your business * Relax and naturally attract the right kind of relationships, opportunities and abundance  

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you think.”?  

RIGHT NOW, deep inside your cellular structure, unconscious thoughts are running your business and they have ALREADY DETERMINED YOUR RESULTS in 2019!  

Were your results in 2018 exactly what you wanted them to be? No?  


It’s a Soul Choice: To Grow and Evolve

You’ve worked hard but if you’ve been hard at work on business trainings and programs that don’t address these unconscious programs then you are destined to another year living the life they choose for you!  

It’s these low frequency codes that cause you to experience fear, anxiety, uncertainty and stress.  

Are you feeling any of these? Then you’re operating in the ego mind code. The upgrades you’re looking for… the ones your business so desperately deserves... won’t happen here!  

Change begins at the source...  

Everyone knows if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!  

Let’s consider one foundational premise: to break through to the next level in your life, you need help to dig into your unconscious mind to neutralize what’s blocking you.  

Most people know what they want and they know, on a conscious level, what they need to do. But they don’t really know what’s stopping them from doing it – or they would be doing it.  

Sandra and Daniel’s private clients – including some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world – all understand this is what’s required to get to the next level, and the next level, and the next…  

As a human being you are a powerful, magnificent, divine being and your thoughts –both conscious and especially unconscious — are the keys to what’s stopping you from having the life you want... growing a business beyond your wildest expectations... creating more income than you can possibly imagine… living the perfection that you are.

You are already an enlightened, perfect being. It's only your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, that are stopping you from having the life you want.

  • Consider what would happen if you could reprogram your old default codes and frequencies of the ego mind and live as a PLATINUM being.
  • Envision how your life would change when those old codes that aren't serving you have been neutralized and you can fully embrace your spirit's drive to become whole.

What a wonderful world that would be! Guess what? All of that can be yours!

The Quantum Source Code is dedicated to elevating your thought system to a higher frequency, supporting rapid change and profound inner growth...

“Sandra masterfully pinpointed the dynamics in my life that were blocking my joy, undermining my love relationships and curbing my financial success. With precision, she energetically disrupted the programs that were unconsciously running me. The root of all challenge is vibrational blockages and once she integrated them, my vibration and frequency were dramatically up-leveled. Today my life flows with ease, I’m healthier, happier and I feel fully in charge of my own destiny. Sandra and Daniel embody a gift that truly changes everything!”  

– Jan Desai, Soulspring.org  

This program has been designed to work as an integral part of the PLATINUM Life System presented in CODEBREAKER: Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You and the CODEBREAKER Journal.  

The tools, techniques and practices in this system allow you to easily identify and neutralize unconscious programs that would otherwise sabotage your best plans and aspirations.  

You'll learn to change the frequency of your life via mind training — not just education.  

Remember - You are what you think! Your conscious and unconscious thoughts determine your experience of life.  

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to really dive deeply into the Enlightenment Code where the Abundance, Vitality and Love Codes combine to transform every area of your life to facilitate exponential happiness and success!  


  •  8 Live Transmission, Correction and Activation calls with Sandra and Daniel. Not just a system upgrade but a complete system rebuild!
  • A spiritual and energetic renovation, for the body mind and soul that will open new opportunities and allow you to manifest any level of success you choose. 
  • Delete your blocks surrounding money
  • Delete your blocks surrounding success
  • Delete the low frequency codes that have prevented you from achieving the next level of success
  • Attunements to eight high frequency codes -- designed to retrain your mind and support the creation of new habit fields in the mind, new neural pathways in the brain, and new patterns in your DNA 
  • Corrections that allow you to become neutral to your own unconscious sabotage programs
  • You’ll learn powerful inquiry and attunement techniques to help you harmonize with the frequency of your choice
  • You’ll receive transmissions of energy to activate your divine blueprint Sandra and Daniel will go into the Quantum field and clear all of your cells, DNA and all of your energetic systems
  • Experience an immediate shift into your true reality, with the energetic blockages you couldn’t see… obliterated!
  • You’ll be invited to join a networking community of high frequency, successful individuals committed to supporting your success! *The connections you’ll make here alone are worth tens of thousands of dollars in potential business opportunities!
  • You’ll also receive TONS of high value BONUSES!

Are you really ready for it? Because if you choose to particiapte in the Quantum Source Code program… IT WILL HAPPEN!


 You will feel the lightness of relief that comes from being FREE from your unconscious blocks to happiness and success.  

 The value of these calls alone, without the extensive training modules, meditations and attunements is $24,000USD 

The Quantum Souce Code Online Program is a lot less at only $4,000, however, 

Sandra and Daniel’s mission is to set as many people free as possible.  

That’s why they want to give Challenge Participants this entire package for only 

$1,997 use code QSC1997



 PLATINUM 8 High Frequency Activations  

Value $197  



Value $500  

Isn’t it time you began operating on a Quantum level? 

It's time you became the CODEBREAKER of your own life!  

You have the power to enhance your ability to manifest the life you want as a high frequency being... 

AND, neutralize the destruction caused by unconscious programs that run beneath your level of awareness. 

Are you ready to tap into that power?  

“Life requires a code. Activate the right code and you can have the success you want — you can experience the life of your dreams.” 

~Sandra Biskind  

What Do You Really Want?

  • A promotion  
  • A raise
  • Meet the love of your life
  • Have better relationships with your family
  • Make an impact on the world
  • Have more friends
  • Be remembered
  • Stop being lonely
  • End pain and suffering in your life
  • Lose weight
  • Be a better parent
  • Grow your business
  • Feel a part of something greater
  • Feel joy and love in your life
  • Geater levels of abundance
  • Feel true inner peace
  • Experience real happiness
  • Get off the wheel karma and change your outcomes!

Regardless of what you really want in this life, there are unseen codes in your DNA that are preventing you from achieving all that you desire.  

Reprogramming Your DNA for Success  

After decades of research and development, Sandra and Daniel Biskind have become the code breakers who have deciphered the code to freeing your neural pathways and DNA from the programs that have infected it… from the destructive codes that are constantly telling you ‘No!’ and preventing you from moving forward in your life.  

You know they are there! You’ve probably always known it on some level.  

Now you can do something about it!  

Sandra and Daniel Biskind are International #1 Bestselling Authors, Speakers & Spiritual Teachers who for decades have been transforming the lives of global award-winning business owners and spiritual leaders.  

They are Jack Canfield's energy shifters of choice and now YOU can experience the depth of their work that takes these codes locked in your DNA, trapped in programs within your neural pathways, and finally get yourself free. 

Now you can join the code breakers, Sandra and Daniel to explore and implement the system they’ve created to attain living a life of peace, joy, fun, vitality and financial freedom….are you in? 


“Even my peers who are already at the top of their game have reported remarkable breakthroughs as a result of their work with the Biskinds.” ~Jack Canfield 

Sandra and Daniel’s VIP clients invest $15,000 for a Private VIP Full Day Session and for one month in their exclusive Spiritual Mentoring Programs. Right now you get to experience 8 live calls and the Quantum Source Code modules and bonuses for only $1,997!!  

“Even though I’ve bought and sold billion dollar companies, something in my life was missing. Before working on my inner game with spiritual rockstars Sandra and Daniel, I didn’t know what it was. Although I had high expectations, they totally exceeded them. I feel ready to conquer the world.” – Eric Cole, PhD; World renowned cyber security expert; Cyber Security advisor for Bill and Melinda Gates; Commissioner of Cyber Security for President Obama  

Where do you want to be this time next year?


If you're still here RIGHT NOW on this page, it's because you’ve chosen to  

  • Take control of your ego puppy, and,
  • To clear the sabotage programs held in your DNA, deep in your unconscious and become a high frequency being… 
  • Become a change maker for good in the world… 
  • Become a change maker in your own life by investing in The Quantum Source Code...  

As a Challenge participant we want you 

to enjoy the full experience 

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Quantum Source Code Program!  


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