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YES! I’m Ready to Fully Transform My Life!

Free your soul to live in the love, abundance and vitality codes 

M​ay 23th - 25th​ 2019 Marina del Rey, California

Are you ready to LIVE as a high frequency being, designing your life to be your greatest adventure? 

To have the ability to choose your business success strategies without being sabotaged from within?  

To easily resolve relationship and health issues that are wreaking havoc with the amount of love and vitality you experience?  

Can you imagine living that way every day?  

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  

That’s why we’ll be hosting this private Soul Choice Retreat in our home May 23-25 for only 10 select High Frequency Beings!  

What? You haven’t heard of it? There’s a reason! ☺  

This is only the second time this event has been offered. 

The results were such a game changer for participants that this has become our signature VIP group event.

“Sandra and Daniel’s meditations were life changing…I was completely different, it was as though a different person had inhabited my body…  

While going through the Quantum Neutrality Process, I actually felt my physical balance return and emotional balance was restored even more dramatically.”  

~Dr. Carol Soloway  

Soul Choice is an Exclusive 10 Person Only Event....  

Daniel and I will be holding the Soul Choice Retreat for a small group of up to 10 people in our home in beautiful Marina del Rey, California.  

Each day we will focus on one of the BIG 3 vibrational areas where emotional leakage is most rampant….your worldly success, relationship happiness and your health and vitality -- each of which are compromised by unconscious programs locked in your mind field which show up as neural pathways in your brain and even express in your DNA!  

Everyday from 9am to 6pm you will be immersed in the divine energy of love -- the most powerful transformational energy of the cosmos -- and feel completely supported at all times. The nights are free so you can assimilate the activations and transmissions of energy in your own time.  

What Makes Up Your Frequency?

Besides your conscious thoughts, your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and stories and cellular memories from myriad lifetimes are integral influences in forming your frequency.  

Not just big events but even small moments you may not be aware of all work together to make up your frequency. 

The strength of the emotional charge around the information determines the magnitude of its impact on your life. Surface self-empowerment methods and positive affirmations won't show you -- let alone transform -- what's hidden in your unconscious mind. We use our signature Quantum Neutrality Process throughout the Soul Choice Retreat to consistently achieve the desired results

The codes locked in your unconscious in the form of your beliefs and ideas express though your DNA and genes and are programming that creates your reality. THEY DIRECTLY INFLUENCE YOUR AGING PROCESS AND VITALITY AS WELL AS YOUR HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS.  

These programs are so well hidden beneath the conscious mind that you probably have no idea they are running your life… sabotaging your chances for more love, money, better health, youthfulness and wellbeingness as they keep you on an emotional roller coaster ride, separated from the wisdom of your True Self.  

This one of a kind retreat is like having a spiritual detox, energetic facelift and operating system rebuild for your body, mind and soul!  

“I arrived fragmented, scattered, worried and exhausted. I now have calm certainty and joyous expectation of fulfillment and contentment. I feel whole, centered and balanced like all the cells in my body, psyche and soul have aligned.”  

~ Kat MacIntyre - Canada  

“I feel peaceful and relaxed. I have a huge sense of gratitude to God for bringing me here at this time. I feel like spiritual gifts have opened up and I am ready for a new beginning in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  

~ Alejandra - Costa Rica  

Each day, during these 3 days you will receive attunements, corrections, activations and transmissions to activate your perfect divine blueprint.  

You will be going to the floor to soak in the transmissions of divine energy -- to allow it to work miracles in your body, emotions, mind and soul.  

We will go into the quantum field to clear your cells, DNA and energetic systems from programs going back many lifetimes.  

This facilitates an IMMEDIATE shift into your new reality as soon as the energetic blockages you couldn’t see have been neutralized, their effects deleted and the authentic frequencies of your True Self have been activated. 

As a result, your relationships will reach new levels of fulfillment as your blocks to love are dissolved. Once your blocks around abundance are dissolved, your work and money and financial life will take quantum leaps.  

Once you remove the low frequency programs around aging your level of vitality will astound you – the look and feel of your expression, face and body will be all the proof you need that you have in fact unlocked the regeneration code.  


Is it your time to make the Soul Choice -- to live as the Best Version of You?

by the last day you can expect to look and feel different on a deep cellular level! 

“I trust this process and KNOW I am an entirely new person after this experience! I have committed to being a good steward over my soul. To releasing immediately what no longer serves me and EMBRACE all the magical manifesting I am here to do.”  

~ Danni Hall - USA  

During the Soul Choice Retreat You Will Receive...

  • Attunements to eight high frequency codes -- each powerfully jumpstarts the process of retraining your mind, supporting the creation of liberating new mental habit fields, empowering new neural pathways in your brain and desirable new patterns in your DNA.
  • Corrections that allow you to become neutral to your own unconscious sabotage programs
  • Powerful inquiry and attunement techniques to help you harmonize with the frequency of your choice
  • Transmisons of energy to activate your divine blueprint
  • Sandra and Daniel will go into the quantum field to clear your cells, DNA and your energy systems
  • An IMMEDIATE shift into your true reality thanks to energetic blockages you couldn't see... obliterated! 
  • A spiritual and energetic renovation for the body, mind and soul that will open new opportunities and allow you to manifest the success you choose
  • Dissolving ancients blocks surrounding money and abundance
  • Correcting the low frequency codes that have prevented you from achieving the next level of success
  • Neutralizing your blocks surounding love and sabotaging your relationships
  • A complete revision of your low frequency codes about aging and low levels of vitality
  • A system to help you manifest your own vision for your life
  • A system of BEING that will naturally attract the right kinds of clients to you, the right kinds of relationships, opportunities and abundance
  • A rebuild of your energetic operating system to allow you to determine the results you achieve instead of allowing your unconscious thoughts to determine those results for you  

An IMMEDIATE return on your investment!

by the end of Soul Choice you can expect to feel... and even LOOK different... on a deep cellular level! 

TOGETHER we can recode to Love to expand our capacity and ability to experience a much greater human life...where our natural state is Bliss and Joy.  

This weekend isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’re not sharing it with the world…  

We’re only sharing it with a select group of people who are commited to living as High Frequency Beings.  

We know you want transformation, to get to the next level… the question is, are you really ready for it? Is your soul whispering to you that it's time?

Because if you choose to attend this private transformational awakening of your body, mind and soul,..


Investment in Soul Choice - $9,997USD

Are you tired of fighting your existing reality? It’s exhausting – isn't it?  

Isn’t it time to clear your system of deeply imbedded imprinting that keeps you stuck?  

Are you sick of feeling stuck?  

Tired of feeling tired?  

Ready for a total system rebuild?  

Although we would love to invite you all to our home, it’s just not large enough! ☺  

We have only 6 spots left and we would love you join us!  

The Soul Choice Retreat facilitates IMMEDIATE miracles in your body, your emotions, your mind and your soul.  

Email with Soul Choice in the title


  • Remove your blocks around love and your relationships will reach a whole new level of fulfillment!  
  • Dissolve your programs around money and your business and financial life will take off!  
  • Revise the low frequency programs around aging and your level of vitality will astound you!  
  • Unlock the regeneration code and the look and feel of your body and face will delight you!  
  • Greater success 
  • More love 
  • More happiness 
  • Youthful energy 
  • A stronger connection to your True Self  

A profound transformational awakening of your body, mind and soul! 

“Even my peers who are already at the top of their game have reported remarkable breakthroughs as a result of their work with the Biskinds.” ~Jack Canfield 

Our private clients invest $45,000USD for 3 private VIP days with us. They are all business owners, entrepreneurs and transformational leaders who know they have to invest their time, energy and resources to get to the next level. 

Their results always exceed expectations. 

They've learned to listen to the guidance of their soul. 

Their priority is to get to the next level and they are prepared to do what it takes to get clear and up-level their lives energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  

Today, we are offering you a way to work with us in the supportive and loving environment of our home for 3 whole days where your investment will return INSTANT results.  

At this one of a kind retreat, you'll have the rare opportunity to spend three full days as part of a small, exclusive and harmnious group as you experience a profound and IMMEDIATE shift in your life for the investment of $9,997USD  

We really want YOU to join us! 

That’s why we’ve also created a payment plan which you can find on the registration page. 

If you would like to explore other options for assistance then please contact  

(Just think: that’s only $27 a day for one year to make massive shifts in your life!)  

How do you need to BE to experience the love, wealth and health you are destined for? 

Neutralizing your unconscious obstacles and sabotage programs and activating your True Self's love, abundance and vitality codes is the fastest, most efficient way to transform yourself to become who you want and need to be in order for you to experience ultimate happiness and success. 

This is the purpose and end result of the Soul Choice Retreat. 

Are you ready for a spiritual detox and energetic facelift? 

Are you ready for an operating system rebuild to facilitate a profound shift in your reality?  

Are you ready to have it by the end of 2019?  

Free your soul to live in the love, abundance and vitality codes 

M​ay 23th - 25th​ 2019 Marina del Rey, California  

We don’t want to tell anyone they can’t please be sure you act quickly!  

Join us in May or November in our private home in Marina del Rey, California. 

To Your Brilliance, Happiness, Success and Vitality,  

Love Always, Sandra and Daniel  

PS. Please feel free to share this email with anyone you know who would benefit from having a total break from their normal life to immerse in a retreat to realign and regenerate their mind, body, emotions and soul!