Sandra and Daniel invite you to join them in their UNSTOPPABLE LIFE 21 Day PLATINUM Experience

To remove your blocks to success... Instantly!

And, dissolve your unconscious obstacles to love, well-being and abundance.

“Sandra and Daniel have an amazing ability to shift energy and remove blocks on very deep levels - I had them work with my entire staff with magical results. Their work is transformational wizardry at its best.”  

Jack Canfield


Take the next step in the evolution of your business and personal life. 

It's a fact, your unconscious programs are running your life and sabotaging your efforts to live the life you want. It's time they were stopped! 

It's time for you to reboot in safe mode, take control and become UNSTOPPABLE!

In the UNSTOPPABLE LIFE 21 Day PLATINUM Experience you will be given the 3 keys to dissolve your unconscious obstacles to love, well-being and abundance.  

You will be attuned to the frequency of enlightenment and unconditional love which is the frequency of success. 

You will experience the process of becoming free from the unconscious programs running your life so you can have the great relationships, money, prosperity and the success you so richly deserve. 

This is only the beginning!

You must also have a willingness to delve into the depths of your unconscious mind and discover the programs that are stopping you from being able to get to the truth. To break the hold of the unconscious mind, you have to train the mind by practicing new ways of thinking. 

Sandra and Daniel Biskind's UNSTOPPABLE LIFE 21 Day PLATINUM Experience will give you the 3 keys you need to instantly begin practicing and living a truly Unstoppable life!

  • If you’re wondering why you can’t get to or even past a six figure income… 
  • If you have failed repeatedly at love and are left wondering what you're doing wrong...
  • If you’ve tried do-it-yourself programs, coaching and other expensive, yet failed attempts, at turning it all around …
  • If you have reached a plateau in life and business and are frustrated by your lack of ability to move ahead … 

The UNSTOPPABLE LIFE 21 day PLATINUM Experience is for you!  

The ONE thing that will sabotage your chances for success

Something is missing. It isn’t a lack of effort on your part. You’re smart and you’ve been honestly and diligently working on external factors to boost your success. The real issue is that no one ever showed you how to make a lasting change, no one has ever been able to help you clear the blocks that are holding you back and sabotaging your attempts. 

Unconscious programs are in charge

Self help gurus and books tell us we must never indulge in feelings of despair, depression or defeat, and to turn our lives around we have to think positively. But what if your ego mind - with all your unconscious programs and stories will not allow you to do that?

Before your conscious mind has even realized what's happened, unconscious programs were created that seem to dictate your feelings and emotions. These unconscious programs run your life and affect all the outcomes you've ever tried to control and they can sabotage all your hard work and keep you from achieving the wealth, prosperity and love you desire. Your unconscious mind has created these core programs, these limiting beliefs you default to that hold you back and keep you from moving ahead.

Are You Ready to Create Instant Change In Your Life?

If you are not regularly and consistently experiencing success, peace, love, and happiness, you need to ask yourself, “what code, what frequency is blocking my path?” Imagine if you could re-program those old default frequencies that aren’t serving you and fully embrace your spiritual need to become whole. This is where ultimate transformation begins. 

Only in wholeness can you create deep and meaningful relationships, achieve higher levels of awareness and live a life of meaning and purpose. We want to help you upgrade your frequency, reprogram your code and your life on every level, not only spiritually, but also on the levels of wealth, health, and relationship success. We want to help you achieve lasting success in all areas of your life! It all begins by raising your frequency and reprograming your thoughts and DNA for success. 

And in just 21days you will begin the process that will change your life forever. 


The UNSTOPPABLE LIFE 21 Day PLATINUM Being Program is designed to create change in your life. It's designed to give you the tools you need to create INSTANT SHIFTS in your levels of awareness... instant shifts in your ability to recognize the truth more easily...

In this program you will receive valuable insights and exercises designed to help you:

  •  Discover the core programs your unconscious mind has created that sabotage your chances for greater wealth and prosperity 
  •  Identify and neutralize some of those blocks that prevent you from having all you've ever wanted in life.
  •  Let go of past beliefs surrounding money that keep you from making more 
  •  Achieve a sense of peace and balance by understanding how the various parts of your life apply to and relate to one another 
  •  Release the unconscious beliefs that stop you from attracting high paying clients 
  •  Attract wealth, love and a sense of well being
  •  Reconnect with the love that you are and accelerate your soul’s evolution into enlightenment and wholeness.

The Unstoppable Life 21 Day PLATINUM Experience offers intensive results-focused modules designed for IMMEDIATE self discovery. It was created to set you up for success and provide you with tools designed to help you discover the codes that have been created in your life; to identify the pitfalls that are keeping you at your current level and to work through the blocks to get back on track so you can live as the best version of you.

It also includes:

  • 4 Recorded group coaching calls with Sandra and Daniel where you will receive attunments to the high frequency energy of enlightenment and wholeness as they answer common life questions and offer corrections. The great thing about these calls is that you will benefit from every correction Sandra gives whether live or recorded. 
  • Access to the private Activate Enlightenment Facebook group! Hang out and network with like minded people who want to be the best version of who they are. Sandra will be checking in frequently to answer questions and offer advice and encouragement for your journey.

The beginning of your transformational journey is always the hardest...

Sandra and Daniel are excited to be your spiritual mentors and teachers as you embark on this journey to awaken you dormant divintiy and succeed in all you do.

"This program is amazing! I am a proffesional photographer and mama of two young children and being able to listen to the recordings of the calls at a time that worked for me was the key. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to take their relationships, awarenes and spiritual growth to next level. You will love it! - Amber Hollins, NZ  

Your investment in the Unstoppable Life 21 Day PLATINUM Experience Program is $497 - HOWEVER for a limited time, we are offering you a special investment of only $197.

For less than $10 per day you can start your completely Unstoppable LIfe! Access more clients, greater prosperity, the respect you desire, the love of your life and so much more can be yours for less than the cost of dinner!

Sandra's Private Coaching Clients invest between $5,000 - $10,000 per month to work with her! Imagine gaining access to 4 recorded GROUP CALLS with this incredible transformational leader!

This program will easily save you thousands of dollars and years of lost time researching and training - not to mention a lot of missed revenue. 

For many transformational business owners, the shifts in income they see as a result of Sandra and Daniel's programs and the changes they make as a result of a new found awareness more than covers the cost of their programs. In fact, we guarantee your limiting patterns will still be blocking your ability to move forward a year from now if you choose not to take this course! But, of course, the choice is yours.


Prosperity and Love are entertwined. You can’t have one without the other, AND, love is the secret to success. Let that sink in for a moment…  

If you’re struggling financially then you are typically under unusual stress and pressure. There is negative mind chatter, guilt, shame and blame. You’re going into failure mode and don’t even know it. You’re still struggling to succeed on the outside but on the inside, you’re shutting down and preparing to fail. 

In order to switch from failure to success, you must reconnect with all that you are and become the best version of yourself, your whole self. Be compassionate with yourself, build yourself up, do what you’re great at, do what you’re passionate about and love so when others see you, they want to work with you. Your love vibration is so high that people don’t even know why they want to work with you! They just do! 

Raise your love vibration and you automatically compel people to feel good around you and trust you. People will automatically give you the benefit of the doubt when you’re on a high love vibration. You will effortlessly come from a place of integrity. Without integrity, you aren’t whole and your wholeness is the most compelling aspect of being human. 

The vibration of love, money and integrity are all interwoven. Remove your blocks surrounding love and money and you will achieve enlightened business success. We are in an age of transformation, an age where love and money are entertwined. Once you remove these blocks around love, your whole life, you’re entire business will take off. Once you remove the blocks around money, your relationships will reach a whole new level of fulfilment. Love and money are indeed deeply entertwined. 

People Just Like You Are Getting Results

Solve Your Unsolvable Problem

You know how Sandra and Daniel can help you, how they’ve helped thousands of others build their business, attract more clients, build more wealth and attract the love of their life. You’ve heard proof in the testimonials right here on this page. It’s worked for others and it will work for you too.  

Your heart and soul knows the UNSTOPPABLE LIFE Life 21 Day PLATINUM experience is exactly what you've been waiting for. What are some of the fears stopping you from participating in this form of rapid transformation? Have a think about it. Some of them could be the fear of being judged, fear of success, fear that you won't feel a shift and the list goes on. The ego mind is a master of sabotaging your success and keeping you from having the life you want. 

Remember, you won’t be alone. You will have two of the world's most compassionate, loving and whole beings as your spiritual success mentors. Sandra and Dainel will be with you every step of the way, my beloved! 

"We will be with you each time you sit quietly embracing the love that you truly are and accepting all the wonderful things you’ve ever imagined for yourself. We are here to help." 

Are you ready to reboot and set yourself free to be the best version of you and live your PLATINUM life?

Where Will You Be In 21 Days?

The UNSTOPPABLE LIFE 21 Day PLATINUM Being Program will introduce you to the master password PLATINUM which has been proven to turbo charge the evolution of your soul into enlightened and whole states and stands for Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness. 

Sandra and Daniel will introduce you to this innovative and ground-breaking concept of using the master password to actually unlock the secret to the code that allows you to begin living the life you’ve only dreamed of.  

Sandra and Daniel Biskind have developed direct awakening practices that realign you with your natural state of joy, peace love and expanded creativity and success. 

21 days will pass quickly. Where will you be? Will you be shifting into a heightened state of awareness where results happen more quickly or will you still be on the same path of struggling to treat the symptoms of all the things that just aren't going your way in life?

In 21 days you will still be making decisions. Will they be the right ones? 

In 21 days you will still be achieving results. Will they be the results you want or will they be the same results you've always gotten, the same outcomes you can't seem to get away from?

The decision is yours to make. In 21 days you can still be where you are OR, you could be on the path to greater wealth, prosperity and Love. 

Where will you be in 21 days?

Sandra and Daniel Biskind have developed direct awakening practices that realign you with your natural state of joy, peace love and expanded creativity and success. 

They live with awakened states of enlightenment and wholeness, and so can you. It all begins when you change your thoughts and raise your frequency. Once free from the unconscious thoughts that act as blocks in your love life, your work, and health and wellbeing as well as blocking your ability to live with meaning and purpose as the best version of you, success is assured.

The Biskinds have been working with successful business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders for over 35 years and offer an astute combination of business savvy, transformational leadership and soul enrichment. With their down-to-earth wisdom combined with their multi-dimensional spiritual gifts, they create instant shifts in all the souls they touch. 

Described as the couple who can solve seemingly unsolvable problems, Sandra and Daniel are looked upon as spiritual masters and the leaders leaders. The people who work with them all make huge shifts in their lives, so much so Patty Aubery and Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the Success Principles has Sandra and Daniel co-facilitate with them at their 4 Day Luxury Retreats In Italy.

What People Are Saying

“Sandra Biskind is a Master. In our first session over the phone I could literally ‘feel’ her working inside of me. I could feel my very ‘Being’ being altered. I’m launching something massive into the world and I needed to quickly remove blocks that had been with me for years. Sandra did that with rocket speed. I could feel the tectonic plates I thought were underpinning my negative/limiting beliefs shifting, moving and loosening. I felt energized with a clarity I’ve never felt before. She’s effective, she’s efficient, she’s fast…..and the results in my life since that session have been amazing.” - Martin Rutte, USA

“Through working with Sandra and Daniel I have gained confidence in my ability to live a happy, balanced, and have a fun-filled life.” - Esther Anderson, Australia

“Regardless of where you are on your personal journey toward enlightenment and self mastery, working with Sandra and Daniel will make real life shifts instantly.” - Mary Giuseffi, USA

"So many of our troubles and challenges arise from unconscious programs and ego-mind. Thank you Sandra and Daniel for helping us to release these old programs that no longer serve us! "- Susan Lee, Singapore

"The healings and corrections in this program are so profound! I know I'll sleep well tonight! " - Patrishe Maxwell, Canada

"After my session with Sandra and Daniel, I felt totally clear, calm, and confident. In just a few days I've seen a big difference in my thoughts and actions. I can definitely feel a change around the office, and we're all still buzzing from our experiences. Thank you Sandra and Daniel for a very powerful session!" - Jesse Ianello, USA 

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